Vital Gut Repair+
Vital Gut Repair+
Vital Gut Repair+

Vital Gut Repair+

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 ACTIVE INGREDIENT: ImmunoLin®️️ is a powder form of serum-derived immunoglobulin concentrate. Due to its high immunoglobulin content, ImmunoLin®️️ is an excellent natural source of IgG for use in digestive health, immune support and sports nutrition products. ImmunoLin®️️ contains no lactose and is free of milk proteins, such as casein and β-lactoglobulin, which can be poorly tolerated by some people. ImmunoLin®️️ contains very low levels of saturated fat. ImmunoLin®️️ is manufactured from non-GMO ingredients.

Top 5 reasons why everyone should take Vital Gut Repair+

#1: It’s safe

  • ImmunoLin the active ingredient in Vital Gut Repair+ has GRAS status which means it is Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA. Making it the gold standard for safety. There are also no major adverse events with this product.

#2: It works differently

  • Targets the underlying cause of dysbiosis and inflammation

#3: It’s backed by real science

  • Over 40+ successful human clinical trials

#4: It’s easy to use

  • Mix it, shake it. take it. We recommend a 20-second stir. The product is designed to survive through the entire GI tract, so it covers all areas of your digestive system. This may add a few extra seconds for it to dissolve into liquids.

#5: Anyone can take it

  • Ages 2+ for anyone wanting to improve digestive health, immune support, and overall wellness. The only person who should not take this product is anyone with a beef allergy since it is derived from a bovine source.

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