About Us

LIFIO was formed in 2021. Our founders entered the health and wellness industy in 2014 representing one of the top supplement companies. After their success in multiple brands over the years, their passion for this industry and helping people live their best lives was when LIFIO was born. We are a US based manufacturer and distributor focused on selling and promoting the highest-grade wellness products available in the world. Our ingredients and products are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality to our customers. The founders of LIFIO share a passion for the science and subsequent health benefits of all the products we sell. We are all users of our offerings and have personally seen the benefits of these products to ourselves and our families. Our passion for advanced health products led us to form LIFIO to provide a curated collection of products that we know you'll love. We invite you to join us on our quest as we serve the growing population of people looking for alternative ways to live long, healthy and happy lives.Embark on a path towards optimal health with LIFIO's industry-leading supplements. Trust our proven success and commitment to excellence.