Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye diseases.

It is estimated that more than 25% of the population suffers from it.

What we do know is that dry eye syndrome occurs when tears do not provide enough moisture. Factors such as aging, dehydration from air conditioning or environmental factors, and hormonal changes, among other causes, contribute to this condition, which is a prevalent disease in people over 40 years of age.

When we talk about dry eye syndrome (DES), we mean evaporative dry eye (EDE), which is the most common form of this disease. In this case, the tears do not produce enough moisture to maintain normal levels on the surface of the eye tissues.

Although it cannot be cured, there are treatments that can reduce or minimize discomfort and protect eye health, such as tear plugs and tear supplements. And if you suspect you have DES, you should visit an ophthalmologist for a complete evaluation and treatment.

The first step to combat it is to protect the ocular surface with good habits:

  • Use eye drops daily according to the recommendations of your doctor
  • No Smoking
  • Avoid irritants such as wind or smoke
  • Wear sunglasses when exposed to intense light
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes

If you do not have any contraindications, you can also try complementary treatments such as therapeutic exercises for the eyelids.

These exercises are based on the technique of massage and help to increase the blood flow of the capillaries of the conjunctiva. This helps reduce the symptoms of dry eye syndrome by increasing tear production.

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